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04 October 2007 @ 11:49 am
Okay folksies.. here's what we've got upcoming I believe...What a long strange trip it's been.

The October 20th Party has been nixed because of busy schedules and such. HOWEVER.. Those of you that are friends.. The end of the month.. October 27th..we'll be celebrating Khrys kushielsangel and xuul BIRTHDAYS! AND it'll officially be my first year in Seattle AND it's Halloween time. Much to celebrate. Details to follow for those involved. I know Khrys and Nick have been working on a guest list. This may be a Noc party with a possible dinner/cake/prefunk beforehand.

November: ATTENTION: vintara Matty--you doing your curry/lager/red dwarf party? Is this going to be a casual thing or like the bar restocking party?

December: So Far from the feedback I've received..December 8th would be a prime time to do a wine/dine/gift exchange. Why so early? Well, there's company xmas parties, family coming in, shopping, all of that shit to deal with. Let's take a poll to see if the 8th or 15th will work better for everyone. The gift exchange would be like a white elephant. Gifts would be appreciated to be useful, cool and/or under $10. One gift per person and we'll do the draw to play the game as it's intended to be. I'll host and provide decorations, Xmas Cranberry/Orange Punch and of course goodies. Details later.

So: POLL..
December 8th or 15th for Monthly Party?

*cheers friends*
10 September 2007 @ 12:54 pm
Just a note for planning purposes:

Khrys was originally going to hold this one. We will have it our place now, but I still need to ask Khrys if she's going to do all the planning for it.

Date: October 20th
Time: 7pm.

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29 August 2007 @ 11:56 am
I’m thinking that we should modify the December get together due to Xmas plans/parties etc. and do a somewhat traditional gift exchange perhaps in an untraditional setting.

Maybe a Happy hour… How about a “I’m seeing pink elephants” party??? No gift can be over $10 and all of the traditional white elephant game rules will apply. The more awesome/awful the gift the better. We could all even do this maybe on December 8th or on a Friday or even after the holidaze.. let me know what you think or any input from any of the friends that aren’t in Seattle too.
13 August 2007 @ 02:10 pm
As things sit right down.. here's the lineup for our monthly foodgasm parties:

August 18th: South American theme at Christine/Aarons in Kirkland (details reposted tonight)

September 15th: Matty's 3rd Annual Bar Restocking Party takes place in lieu of the monthly party

October 20th: Mad Hatter/Alice in Wonderland Theme Khrys or Celeste hosting

The Poll IS just this..due to the holidaze coming soon.. Do we want to try to have our monthly parties in November and December? Who's in/out?

Keep in mind that the 3rd Saturday is one week before Thanksgiving and 2 weeks before Xmas. I'm all for maybe getting together for an xmas exchange or something..but many of you have family here and will be busy. Just something to think about and we'll carry on as we get closer..Just curious to see what others thoughts were..
Theme: South America

Miss Celeste has graciously offered to create the flyer for me so please look for it soon, address attached.

happy Friday!
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17 July 2007 @ 08:43 am
Alrighty peeps.. who's in and who's out.. Please RSVP by Thursday the 19th.
Here's the stats as it sits right now:





NINA: (if shes able to find a sitter)





Anyone? Anyone? Need to keep me in the loop and please see my journal for Karls bday ideas please! KTHXBAI
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